What is Cyberlaw/IT law?

By | June 11, 2019

Information technology law is also known as cyber law and it concerns law of the information technology which includes internet and computing. As we know, computer generated world of the internet is also called as cyberspace and laws prevailing this area is known as cyber laws. It could be described as that branch of law which might deal with legal problems that is related to use of inter networked information technology. This kind of the law is necessary one because it might touch all aspects of the activities and transactions. Each reaction and action in the cyberspace is having some cyber legal angles.

Detailed information about cyber law

Basically, cyber space might include networks, software, computers, data storage device, websites, emails and electronic device like ATM machine and cell phone. Cyber law might encompass law which is related to

When it comes to the categories of the cyber crime then it includes cyber stalking, impersonation, cybercrime against person and cybercrime against government. The main importance of the cyber law might include keep eye on all activities over internet, and covers all transactions. It contains different kinds of the purposes and it makes rules to how companies and individuals might use internet and computer. Consumer might depend on the cyber laws for protecting them from online fraud. This kind of the law could be made for preventing credit card theft, identity theft and other kinds of the financial crimes that occurs on online. Internet might be made copyright violations easier. Both individual and companies must to hire lawyer to bring actions for imposing copyright protections. One of the main advantages of the cyber law is to organizations might carry out the ecommerce using legal infrastructure which is offered by act. It allows government for issuing notification on web. This kind of the IT act might address necessary issues of the security that is necessary one to success of electronic transactions. Cyber law is really useful to company to take legal action to protect trade secrets. Freedom of speech is necessary area of the cyber law and it might allow people for speaking their minds. Cyber lawyers should advise their clients on limits of the free speech like law which might prohibit obscenity.

Importance of cyber law

All companies might depend on the computer networks and keep valuable data in the electronic form. Now a day, majority of the people are using cell phone, email and sms for communication. As we know, technology is considered as double edged sword which could be used for both purpose like good or bad. If you are planning to do business in online then you must understand importance of the cyber law. IT act might also address the necessary issues of the security that is necessary one to success of the electronic transactions. Cyber law might touch all aspects of the activities and transactions. When it comes to the cybercrime cases then it includes source code theft, credit card fraud, virus attacks and tax evasion.