How Can I Prevent Break-ins?

"How Can I Prevent Break-ins?"

The easiest way to prevent a break-in is to have a home alarm system. Since criminals are three times less likely to break into a home with an alarm than a home without, you decrease your odds dramatically. Burglars want to get inside your home as quickly as possible with minimal effort. A blaring alarm attracts unwanted attention. Extra security measures like deadbolts and motion detectors deter burglars by making it more difficult to get inside.

If a burglar does get inside, security systems immediately alert authorities. Some systems use surveillance cameras to help identify the criminal. The alarm rouses the interest of neighbors. These are risks that burglars do not like to take. Convicted burglars admit that they try to avoid homes with security systems. If burglars themselves confess they fear alarm systems, why wouldn’t you install one?

The average burglary costs you between $1000 and $2500, not counting up to $18,000 in criminal justice expenditures. The cost of installing a home alarm system pales in comparison. No amount of money can put a price on peace of mind.

Homeowners can take a few other preventative measures in addition to installing a security system. Burglars steer away from homes that appear occupied.

How Can I Prevent Break-ins?
  • Leave the TV on or a car in the driveway when you leave for vacation.
  • Leave a light or radio on when you leave the house for the day.
  • Stop the mail and newspaper delivery when you leave for long periods of time.
  • Clear large shrubs and trees from around your home that give burglars places to hide.
  • Place a lock on tool sheds and do not leave tools lying around. A hammer is a convenient way to break a window.

Prevent Damage With Home Security Systems

Break-ins do more than rob you of valuables. 61% of burglars get in by force. Forcible entry results in property damage, either to windows or doors. Once inside your home some burglars will damage other things. If they cannot find valuables they may break things out of frustration. Your home insurance policy usually covers this damage. You most likely will still have to pay the deductible out of pocket. Many companies offer insurance discounts up to 20% to owners who use home security systems.

Property damage is not as permanently damaging as emotional damage. Break-ins result in feelings of anxiety and fear that are hard to overcome. Victims experience the constant fear that another break-in could occur at any time. Burglaries reinforce the belief that we are never truly safe, even in our own homes. Anger resulting from unsolved cases affects all aspects of a victim’s life. Only 13% of burglary cases are solved. Homeowners experience guilt that stems from not being able to protect their property.

How Can I Prevent Break-ins?

A member of the household is present in 28% of burglaries. While violence only occurs in 7% of burglaries, the emotional effects of being present for a home invasion significantly increase when one of your families is present. What if your child was home alone? How would you feel as a parent if you did not do all you could to keep them safe?

Act Now To Keep Your Family Safe

There is no excuse for failing to protect your family with today’s technologically advanced security options. Lower the risk of a home invasion by installing a home security system. Enjoy increased peace of mind, decreased insurance costs, and the knowledge that you and your family are safe.

Why Every Family Needs a Home Alarm System

"Why Every Family Needs a Home Alarm System"

Are you doing enough to keep your family safe? Break-ins happen every 14.6 seconds in the United States. If you think your home does not need a home alarm system, think again.

Terrifying Statistics

How much do you know about break-ins? Here are some statistics that might surprise you:

  • Over 2,000,000 burglaries happen in the U.S. each year
  • Burglaries typically occur between 10 am and 3 pm
  • Residential burglaries account for 74% of all burglaries
  • Homes without home alarm systems are three times as likely to get broken into
  • Over $2,000 is lost on average each burglary

Who Are Burglars?

Why Every Family Needs a Home Alarm System

It is easy to picture experienced thieves breaking into your home and loading your valuables into a nondescript white van. In reality, you have probably seen a burglar without realizing, and may even know one. Most residential burglars are male teenagers. These kids most likely live within a few miles of your home. They may or may not have their own transportation. Teenagers steal for a variety of reasons. Teens steal to rebel, for the adrenaline rush, because of trouble at home, and just to get money. No matter the reason, you are the one who suffers from the crime.

What Are Burglars Most Likely To Steal?

Burglars want to spend as little time in your home as possible. The average burglary takes 8 to 12 minutes. This means that burglars want to find the most valuable things in your home as quickly as they can to make it worth the risk. These items must be easy to sell and easy to remove from your home. What are they after?

  • Cash
  • Jewelry
  • Electronics
  • Guns
  • Silver
Why Every Family Needs a Home Alarm System

Burglars look for these items and other items that have resale value. Some even vandalize your home before they leave, destroying the possessions that they do not take.

How Do Burglars Know Where To Look For Valuables?

People are predictable. The first place a burglar will look for valuables is the master bedroom. You probably keep your jewelry, cash and guns in this room. Parents keep these items out of reach of their children by placing them in their bedroom. Unfortunately, this makes it easy for thieves to find them.

The three most popular hiding places for valuables are dresser drawers, bedroom closets, and freezers. These are the first places criminals will look. Where do you hide your valuables?

Why Every Family Needs a Home Alarm System

How Do Burglars Get Inside?

Burglars take the path of least resistance. Only 2% attempt to penetrate your home via the second floor. Most get in the same way you do.

  • 34% use the front door
  • 23% use first floor windows
  • 22% use the back door
  • 9% use the garage
  • 6% use side entrances and storage areas
  • 4% use the basement

It is easy to forget to lock a door. Standard doors are easy to kick in even if they are locked. Window are made of glass. Glass is easily shattered and screens removed. Luckily, there is a simple way to prevent burglars from entering your home.

Top Safety Tips from Home Security Companies

"Top Safety Tips from Home Security Companies"

Installing a home alarm system is the first step towards securing your safety and privacy. Have you ever wondered if there is more you can do? Here are some safety tips from home security companies you can use to keep your family safe.

Top Safety Tips from Home Security Companies

1. Lock Doors And Windows

Locking windows and doors is an easy and effective way to keep the bad guys out. Burglars take the path of least resistance. Don’t make it easy for someone to break into your house.

2. Hide Your Spare Keys

Do you keep your spare keys under your door mat? In your plant pot? So do a lot of other people. Hide your keys in a place that is either hard to get to or out of the way.

3. Eliminate Cover

Is your house surrounded by overgrown trees and shrubs? Did you know this gives burglars a hidden place to break into your house? Choose landscaping that does not obscure entrances. Keep doors and windows in plain sight. Keep shrubs trimmed and do not allow trees to grow up close to your home. Not only will this give burglars a place to hide, it also gives them a ladder up to your second story.

4. Install Outdoor Security Lighting

Install outdoor lighting around your home. Focus these lights around doorways. Motion detection lights are a great deterrent for burglars looking for easy pickings. Leaving lights on overnight takes away the cover of darkness, making it more uncomfortable for burglars trying to break into your home.

5. Make Your Home Look Occupied

Top Safety Tips from Home Security Companies

Burglars look for homes that are unoccupied. Take precautions before going out of town or leaving for work. Here are some ways to make your empty home look like someone is there:

  • Leaving a light on
  • Leaving the TV on
  • Leaving a radio on
  • Leaving a car in the driveway

If you are leaving your home for a few days or more, make sure you turn off mail and newspaper delivery. Not only do piles of mail make it look like you are away, they also make it easy for burglars or other criminals to commit identity theft. Leaving a few lights on upstairs and downstairs makes it look like someone is home at night. Radios and television do the same thing during the day.

6. Reinforce Doors And Windows

Top Safety Tips from Home Security Companies

Have you ever broken into your own home because you locked yourself out? Remember how easy it was to pop out your screen? It is just as easy for a burglar. Replace your screens with security screens or screens that are difficult to remove.

Hollow wooden doors are easy to kick in. Replace your door with a metal door or a door of solid wood. Consider purchasing a door stopper if you spend a great deal of time home alone.

Don’t Be Lax About Home Security

Follow these tips from home security companies and enjoy peace of mind knowing your home is safe. Remember that homes with alarm systems are three times less likely to be burglarized than those without. Don’t mess around with your family’s safety.

How to Find the Best Home Alarm System

"How to Find the Best Home Alarm System"

You did your research. You know the benefits of installing a home alarm system. You want to protect your home and family. Now where do you begin? How do you find the best home alarm system for your home?

Every Family Has# Unique Security Needs

Every family is unique. The security system your neighbor raves about is not necessarily the perfect choice for you. Multiple factors influence the type of security system that works for your family.

How to Find the Best Home Alarm System
  • Location
  • Family size
  • Lifestyle

Where Do You Live?

Is your home rural? Suburban? Urban? Do you live in an area with a high crime rate? Do you own your own home? Location matters. Burglaries happen everywhere. Living at the end of a dirt road does not guarantee your safety. It does mean you do not have any neighbors. The best alarm system for you is probably wireless. Burglars often cut phone wires or other power sources within their reach. Choose an alarm system that cannot be turned off or tampered with.

Neighborhoods that frequently experience break-ins require additional security measures. Install sturdy doors, security window screens and deadbolts. Combined with an alarm this provides your home with impressive resistance to would-be burglars.

You can install whatever system you want if you own your own home. Renters are more limited. Check with your landlord to see what features he or she allows. Look into the security contract if you plan to move in the next few years. Choose a plan with flexibility.

Family Friendly Features

Do you live by yourself? With a partner? Do you have children or parents living with you? Is someone home alone in the house all day? Burglars typically avoid homes that appear occupied. That did not stop 28% of burglars from breaking into a house with someone in it. Parents with children old enough to be left home alone or adults with an older parent living with them worry about their loved ones during the day. Alarms with distance monitoring systems let them keep an eye on the house while they are away.

Some of the best home alarm systems offer additional features like fire and carbon monoxide detectors. Having your security system monitor your home for every threat makes it easier to keep track of things. It is easy to forget to replace a smoke detector. Why not let your security system do it for you?

Most security companies offer security cameras. Security cameras monitor the inside and outside of your house. They also let you monitor from the inside. You can check the security camera to see who is outside the door without approaching the door itself.

Alarms For Every Lifestyle

Do you travel frequently? Work from home? Go to the office? Do you frequently have other people in your house like carpenters or cleaning companies? Analyze your lifestyle and think about what style of security system works best for you.

Most burglaries take place between 10 am and 3 pm. The odds of a burglary happening while you are at work are very high. This is particularly alarming if you work from home. Think about the level of monitoring you need and can afford. Consider additional security measures like sturdy doors and secure screens. Lock your downstairs windows. If you forget to check locks on a regular basis select a security system that reminds you.

You trust your cleaning company and the carpenter who is building your addition. A little extra security never hurts. If you frequently employ others to work in or on your home your security system needs to account for it. Choose a system that allows you to give out a code to trusted contractors. Your system keeps track of who enters and when. This makes it easy to ask the right questions if something goes missing.

Ask A Professional

Choosing the best home alarm is hard. Your privacy and security are at stake. If you still have questions after reading this article, consult a security professional for more information.

Can Alarm Monitoring Companies Save You Money?

"Can Alarm Monitoring Companies Save You Money?"

Investing in a home security system protects your family from burglaries and fires. Can alarm monitoring companies also save you money?

What Can A Break-in Cost?

According to the FBI, a typical burglary results in approximately $2,185 in stolen property. Thieves take cash, jewelry, guns, electronics and other high value items that they can sell. If you have insurance, you will get some money back, depending on your deductible. Some of these items are important to you. Family heirlooms are irreplaceable, regardless of the insurance.

Valuables are not the only thing that you lose in a burglary. Property damage from broken windows and doors adds up quickly. A door alone costs at least $500. Locksmiths charge around $200. Windows cost on average $350 each. If the burglar vandalized the inside of your home you may need a private contractor to evaluate the damage.

Can Alarm Monitoring Companies Save You Money?

Taking time off to deal with a burglary costs money. Missed time from work to handle paperwork, repairs, and appointments can cost hundreds of dollars.

Legal fees are no laughing matter. Lawsuits and judiciary action can cost thousands of dollars. If you or our family suffers from emotional trauma after a break-in, you can also expect to pay medical expenses, not to mention the emotional cost of the experience.

All in all, a break-in costs you more than a few stolen valuables. Many home owners end up losing up to $20,000 by the time the break-in is resolved. This can be avoided by installing a state-of-the-art security system.

Can Alarm Monitoring Companies Save You Money?

Insurance Discounts

Even if a break-in never happen an alarm monitoring companies still save you money. Most insurance companies offer discounts to home owners with a home security system. Discounts range from 10-20% and even higher. Insurance companies offer this discount because security systems decrease the likelihood of a break-in. Homes without security systems are three times more likely to be broken into than those with alarms.

Can Alarm Monitoring Companies Save You Money?

Don’t Wait Until It Is Too Late

Don’t take unnecessary risks. Lower your insurance rates and prevent your family from losing thousands of dollars by installing a home security system today.

6 Ways Security Alarm Companies Keep You Safe

"6 Ways Security Alarm Companies Keep You Safe"

Is your family safe? If you don’t have a home security system in place already, here are five reasons to consider installing one today.

1. Burglaries Happen Every Day

If you think a burglary won’t happen to you, think again. Over two million burglaries are reported in the U.S. each year, according to the FBI. 74% of those burglaries are residential. If you still think it won’t happen to you, read on.

6 Ways Security Alarm Companies Keep You Safe

The odds of your home experiencing a burglary are 1 in 36. If you live in a city or suburb, this means that one of your neighbors will most likely have a break-in. It could just as easily be you. A burglary occurs every 14 seconds in the United States.

In light of all this crime, can security alarm companies really keep you safe?

2. Burglars Admit That Alarm Systems Are Major Deterrents

The best way to find out how to stop a burglar is to ask one. Convicted burglars overwhelmingly agree that an alarm system is a major deterrent. Burglars are three times less likely to invade a house with an alarm system than one without.

Burglars want to be in and out of your house in less than 12 minutes. The faster they are out of your home, the better. Less time spent in your home means less time spent at the crime scene, reducing the odds of arrest. Burglars are right to think this. Only 13% of burglary cases are solved annually. To make this number worse, burglars are likely to return to a home they have already robbed. They already know the layout and where you keep your valuables.

Prevention is the best way to protect your property.

3. Alarms Alert You To Danger

Alarms are loud. The blare of your security system not only deters would-be intruders, it also alerts you to a possible threat. Violence occurs in about 7% of burglaries. However, a family member is home in 28% of burglaries, making this percentage jump to a 25% chance of violent action when someone is home during a crime. Alarms give you time to react. You can call the police or get to a safe place. It is very important not to take action against intruders yourself. Most burglars are more prepared to act than you, and have more experience.

4. Remote Access Keeps You Informed

Many security alarm companies offer remote surveillance and activation. You are immediately notified if someone breaks into your home. You can also activate your security features from your phone in the event you forget to set the alarm before you leave.

6 Ways Security Alarm Companies Keep You Safe

Parents with children old enough to be left at home find this feature very comforting. They can unsure that the alarm is set and know immediately if something triggers it.

Sometimes burglars do break into a home with a security system. Burglars are likely to take less and get out more quickly when an alarm goes off. If someone is home during a break in, this also means that the burglar is less likely to take violent action against them.

5. Lower Insurance

Lower insurance costs do not directly keep your family safe. They do mean that insurance companies believe home alarm systems work. Insurance companies offer discounts up to 20 percent for home owners who use security alarm companies. This gives you more money to spend on additional security measures for your home.

6. Provide Peace Of Mind

Security alarm companies provide you and your family with peace of mind. Everyone deserves to feel safe and secure in their homes. Installing a home alarm system allows you to relax, knowing your home is protected. If peace of mind is not important to you, consider the emotional damage a burglary causes.

A stranger breaking into your house is terrifying. Victims of burglaries express feeling overwhelming fear and anxiety. These feelings are constant. Can you imagine feeling like there was no place where you were truly safe?

Other victims experience feelings of anger. Anger is not just harmful for you. Anger can interfere with multiple aspects of your life and negatively impact your family. Along with anger comes guilt. You may feel like you failed to protect your home. As a parent or partner it is hard to watch your loved ones suffer. This intensifies feelings of guilt and anger.

Thieves take valuable items. Some objects have significance. Losing a family heirloom is hard. Burglars have no qualms about taking a piece of jewelry that belonged to your mother, or the engagement ring your family passed down for three generations. No amount of insurance money replaces these items.

Traumatic experiences like burglaries lead to serious emotional problems that require time and often the services of health professionals to cure. These conditions include:

  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Chronic anxiety
  • Obsessive/compulsive behaviors

Protect Your Family Today

The time to install a security system is before a burglary. Homeowners who already experienced a break-in know that burglars often return to the same home. An alarm system may deter them a second time. Wouldn’t you rather prevent a burglary from happening entirely?