How to Find the Best Home Alarm System

You did your research. You know the benefits of installing a home alarm system. You want to protect your home and family. Now where do you begin? How do you find the best home alarm system for your home?

Every Family Has# Unique Security Needs

Every family is unique. The security system your neighbor raves about is not necessarily the perfect choice for you. Multiple factors influence the type of security system that works for your family.

How to Find the Best Home Alarm System
  • Location
  • Family size
  • Lifestyle

Where Do You Live?

Is your home rural? Suburban? Urban? Do you live in an area with a high crime rate? Do you own your own home? Location matters. Burglaries happen everywhere. Living at the end of a dirt road does not guarantee your safety. It does mean you do not have any neighbors. The best alarm system for you is probably wireless. Burglars often cut phone wires or other power sources within their reach. Choose an alarm system that cannot be turned off or tampered with.

Neighborhoods that frequently experience break-ins require additional security measures. Install sturdy doors, security window screens and deadbolts. Combined with an alarm this provides your home with impressive resistance to would-be burglars.

You can install whatever system you want if you own your own home. Renters are more limited. Check with your landlord to see what features he or she allows. Look into the security contract if you plan to move in the next few years. Choose a plan with flexibility.

Family Friendly Features

Do you live by yourself? With a partner? Do you have children or parents living with you? Is someone home alone in the house all day? Burglars typically avoid homes that appear occupied. That did not stop 28% of burglars from breaking into a house with someone in it. Parents with children old enough to be left home alone or adults with an older parent living with them worry about their loved ones during the day. Alarms with distance monitoring systems let them keep an eye on the house while they are away.

Some of the best home alarm systems offer additional features like fire and carbon monoxide detectors. Having your security system monitor your home for every threat makes it easier to keep track of things. It is easy to forget to replace a smoke detector. Why not let your security system do it for you?

Most security companies offer security cameras. Security cameras monitor the inside and outside of your house. They also let you monitor from the inside. You can check the security camera to see who is outside the door without approaching the door itself.

Alarms For Every Lifestyle

Do you travel frequently? Work from home? Go to the office? Do you frequently have other people in your house like carpenters or cleaning companies? Analyze your lifestyle and think about what style of security system works best for you.

Most burglaries take place between 10 am and 3 pm. The odds of a burglary happening while you are at work are very high. This is particularly alarming if you work from home. Think about the level of monitoring you need and can afford. Consider additional security measures like sturdy doors and secure screens. Lock your downstairs windows. If you forget to check locks on a regular basis select a security system that reminds you.

You trust your cleaning company and the carpenter who is building your addition. A little extra security never hurts. If you frequently employ others to work in or on your home your security system needs to account for it. Choose a system that allows you to give out a code to trusted contractors. Your system keeps track of who enters and when. This makes it easy to ask the right questions if something goes missing.

Ask A Professional

Choosing the best home alarm is hard. Your privacy and security are at stake. If you still have questions after reading this article, consult a security professional for more information.