How Can I Prevent Break-ins?

The easiest way to prevent a break-in is to have a home alarm system. Since criminals are three times less likely to break into a home with an alarm than a home without, you decrease your odds dramatically. Burglars want to get inside your home as quickly as possible with minimal effort. A blaring alarm attracts unwanted attention. Extra security measures like deadbolts and motion detectors deter burglars by making it more difficult to get inside.

If a burglar does get inside, security systems immediately alert authorities. Some systems use surveillance cameras to help identify the criminal. The alarm rouses the interest of neighbors. These are risks that burglars do not like to take. Convicted burglars admit that they try to avoid homes with security systems. If burglars themselves confess they fear alarm systems, why wouldn’t you install one?

The average burglary costs you between $1000 and $2500, not counting up to $18,000 in criminal justice expenditures. The cost of installing a home alarm system pales in comparison. No amount of money can put a price on peace of mind.

Homeowners can take a few other preventative measures in addition to installing a security system. Burglars steer away from homes that appear occupied.

How Can I Prevent Break-ins?
  • Leave the TV on or a car in the driveway when you leave for vacation.
  • Leave a light or radio on when you leave the house for the day.
  • Stop the mail and newspaper delivery when you leave for long periods of time.
  • Clear large shrubs and trees from around your home that give burglars places to hide.
  • Place a lock on tool sheds and do not leave tools lying around. A hammer is a convenient way to break a window.

Prevent Damage With Home Security Systems

Break-ins do more than rob you of valuables. 61% of burglars get in by force. Forcible entry results in property damage, either to windows or doors. Once inside your home some burglars will damage other things. If they cannot find valuables they may break things out of frustration. Your home insurance policy usually covers this damage. You most likely will still have to pay the deductible out of pocket. Many companies offer insurance discounts up to 20% to owners who use home security systems.

Property damage is not as permanently damaging as emotional damage. Break-ins result in feelings of anxiety and fear that are hard to overcome. Victims experience the constant fear that another break-in could occur at any time. Burglaries reinforce the belief that we are never truly safe, even in our own homes. Anger resulting from unsolved cases affects all aspects of a victim’s life. Only 13% of burglary cases are solved. Homeowners experience guilt that stems from not being able to protect their property.

How Can I Prevent Break-ins?

A member of the household is present in 28% of burglaries. While violence only occurs in 7% of burglaries, the emotional effects of being present for a home invasion significantly increase when one of your families is present. What if your child was home alone? How would you feel as a parent if you did not do all you could to keep them safe?

Act Now To Keep Your Family Safe

There is no excuse for failing to protect your family with today’s technologically advanced security options. Lower the risk of a home invasion by installing a home security system. Enjoy increased peace of mind, decreased insurance costs, and the knowledge that you and your family are safe.