Can Alarm Monitoring Companies Save You Money?

Investing in a home security system protects your family from burglaries and fires. Can alarm monitoring companies also save you money?

What Can A Break-in Cost?

According to the FBI, a typical burglary results in approximately $2,185 in stolen property. Thieves take cash, jewelry, guns, electronics and other high value items that they can sell. If you have insurance, you will get some money back, depending on your deductible. Some of these items are important to you. Family heirlooms are irreplaceable, regardless of the insurance.

Valuables are not the only thing that you lose in a burglary. Property damage from broken windows and doors adds up quickly. A door alone costs at least $500. Locksmiths charge around $200. Windows cost on average $350 each. If the burglar vandalized the inside of your home you may need a private contractor to evaluate the damage.

Can Alarm Monitoring Companies Save You Money?

Taking time off to deal with a burglary costs money. Missed time from work to handle paperwork, repairs, and appointments can cost hundreds of dollars.

Legal fees are no laughing matter. Lawsuits and judiciary action can cost thousands of dollars. If you or our family suffers from emotional trauma after a break-in, you can also expect to pay medical expenses, not to mention the emotional cost of the experience.

All in all, a break-in costs you more than a few stolen valuables. Many home owners end up losing up to $20,000 by the time the break-in is resolved. This can be avoided by installing a state-of-the-art security system.

Can Alarm Monitoring Companies Save You Money?

Insurance Discounts

Even if a break-in never happen an alarm monitoring companies still save you money. Most insurance companies offer discounts to home owners with a home security system. Discounts range from 10-20% and even higher. Insurance companies offer this discount because security systems decrease the likelihood of a break-in. Homes without security systems are three times more likely to be broken into than those with alarms.

Can Alarm Monitoring Companies Save You Money?

Don’t Wait Until It Is Too Late

Don’t take unnecessary risks. Lower your insurance rates and prevent your family from losing thousands of dollars by installing a home security system today.